We take care of your battery

Precise Battery Level, Charge Time and Other Details About Your Phone’s Battery.Research shows that the higher you charge your phone, the more your battery wears down. Use our battery charge alarm to minimize battery wear and extend your battery lifespan.

  • Displays battery level in 1% increments.
  • Battery charge time.
  • Gorgeous material design.
  • Plugin and plugout Notifications.
  • Detailed information of the phone.
  • Power source indicator.
  • Specifically designed to be lightweight.
  • Intuitive display of battery health, temperature and battery type.

Battery Charging history

Random Name
  • Difference of initial and final battey percentage.
  • Total time taken to charge from inital battery percentage.
  • Date and time of charge.

Battery Physio Settings

Random Name
  • Security Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Notification Settings
  • Other Settings
  • Battery Settings

Sound Settings

Random Name
  • Full Battery Alarm Settings
  • Low Battery Alarm Settings
  • Theft Battery Alarm Settings
  • Plugin sound Settings

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